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OMA is your company's most qualified resource in the Inland Northwest for training classes. We offer Reasonable Suspicion Training for your company's Department of Transportation (DOT) Supervisors, Designated Employer Representative (D.E.R.) Training, and DATIA (Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association) Certified Drug Screen Collector Training.

Reasonable Suspicion Training for DOT and non-DOT Regulated Supervisors at OMA is DOT compliant and will meet your company's own policy requirements. Taught by OMA's Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Specialist, who is also a Certified Medical Review Assistant, DOT Supervisors will learn the specifics of when and how to do reasonable suspicion testing of employees, and why there is the need to do so. Attendance could help save employee lives, decrease work place injuries and be cost effective.

In OMA's D.E.R. Training course, your company's Designated Employer Representative (D.E.R.) is expertly guided and prepared for their active role in the drug testing process. Ensuring your D.E.R.'s complete understanding and compliance with federal rules and regulations is the goal of this essential course.

OMA also offers DATIA Certified Drug Screen Collector Training. Our instructor will teach your collection personnel how to collect for drug testing in strict accordance with DATIA standards, under many different conditions, and also for non-DOT employers and agencies. This important course emphasizes all aspects of the critical collection and transfer process.

OMA has all of the training courses for your supervisors and employees that your company needs to promote a drug-free workplace.

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