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Starting a Drug Free Program

Did you know 75% of all illicit drug users 18 years and over are employed?1

If 75% of drug users are employed, are they working for you?

Let OMA set up, manage and promote a drug-free workplace program that will meet all of your company's specific needs. We work with companies of all sizes, throughout the Inland Northwest. If your company has offices throughout the United States, OMA can set up a certified collection off-site where your company needs it. We have been working with Department of Transportation (DOT), and Labor and Industry (L & I) since 1994. Let our many years of experience and success work for your company! OMA offers walk-in Drug Screening and the Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program. All three OMA physicians are Medical Review Officers and two staff are certified Medical Review Officer Assistants. Our professional staff at Occupational Medicine Associates is dedicated to your company's needs.

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1 from U.S. Department of Labor's website www.dol.gov