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DOT Physical Exams and Driver's Card

All three OMA physicians, Drs. Lantsberger, Rempel and Van Gerpen are trained, certified and listed on the FMCSA's National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. After May 21, 2014 drivers can only receive their medical examination from a NCRME certified provider.

After April 20, 2016 the Medical Examination Report Form and the Medical Examiner's Certificate (driving card) forms have been changed. The new forms can be found on this website link: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/medical/driver-medical-requirements/medical-applications-and-forms

Please see our New DOT Medical Examination Form Regulations for more information. We have also created a document titled How to Pass A DOT Physical.

Board Certified in Preventive and Occupational Medicine, OMA physicians conduct specialized exams and physicals designed to provide a complete assessment of the worker's health as it relates to his/her specific occupation. The evaluation usually consists of a thorough physical exam and review of past health history. Our OMA providers conduct all types of physical examinations: Employee Entrance & Exit Exams, Fitness for Duty & Return to Work, Department of Transportation (DOT) and general workforce (non-DOT) exams. OMA conducts a Hearing Conservation Program, Pulmonary Function Testing, Vision Screening, Hepatitis Immunizations, and SCUBA diving exams. OMA providers also do Hazardous Material Monitoring for heavy metal exposure, as well as Asbestos Exams, and Respirator Exams.