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Meet the Team

Jenni Carr, Certified MRO Assistant and Client Services Manager

Jenni Carr has been successfully overseeing OMA's Drug Testing Program for over 14 years, which includes OMA's Random Drug Testing Program. She helps clients with the ins and outs of their services at OMA. She expertly guides new clients through enrollment with OMA and advises companies on important issues relating to drug and alcohol abuse. Jenni helps companies set up a drug free workplace. She leads OMA's training courses for supervisors (Department of Transportation -DOT and non-DOT) and Designated Employer Representatives (DER) on how to foster a drug free workplace. Jenni is also a Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) Assistant, Certified Professional Collector Trainer (CPC-T), Regional Certified Professional Collector Trainer and Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT). Jenni has a terrific sense of humor and knows everything there is to know about drug and alcohol testing.

Lisa Machart, Client Services Assistant

Lisa joined OMA last year and is a Certified Medical Review Officer Assistant. She manages the Random Program for OMA and also helps manage the paperwork involved in the positive drug screen results. She is very organized and provides back-up for Jenni when she is teaching classes.

Ann McAlister, Clinic Manager

Ann McAlister is OMA's Clinic Manager. She handles accounts payable, human resources, contracts, compliments and comments, vendors, etc., at OMA. She has over 30 years of health care experience in hospital administration, marketing and communications. She has a BA in Health Services Administration from St. Mary's College in Moraga, CA.

Valerie and Tammy, Reception and Scheduling

Valerie and Tammy have the important job of welcoming clients to OMA. With their friendly and caring service, they help clients and employees register and schedule their appointments at OMA with ease. Valerie is the Patient Services Coordinator and has been at OMA for 6 years. Tammy is a receptionist/scheduler and has been at OMA for almost 2 years.

Kris, Kathy, Debbie and Kajuana, Certified Medical Assistants

Kris, OMA's senior medical assistant for over 16 years, supervises the back office staff. She manages the flow of patients coming through for their exams, blood tests, vaccinations, x-rays and all other tests OMA provides. Kris keeps everyone happy with her super infectious laugh.

Kathy, Debbie and Kajuana work hard to ensure OMA patients are seen in a timely manner and with great care. They make sure patients are comfortable and readily answer any questions you may have. They are happy, have great smiles, are kind and help our patients relax. Kathy has been a Certified Medical Assistant with OMA for 7 years. Debbie is a Certified Medical Assistant) and Certified Phlebotomist (4 years with OMA as well and Kajuana is also a Certified Medical Review Officer Assistant (2 years with OMA). All our Certified Medical Assistants are also certified and trained in other tests they perform such as drug screen collection, breath alcohol testing, spirometry and audiograms.

All our Certified Medical Assistants are also certified and trained in other tests they perform such as drug screen collection, breath alcohol testing, spirometry testing and audiograms.

Shari, Michelle and Debbie, Medical Records, Referrals and Billing

Shari handles all the medical records in OMA's Electronic Medical Records system. She assists patients with questions, facilitates information for vocational counselors and keeps all the necessary information coordinated for all of OMA's patients' records. She handles all medical records requests. She has worked at OMA for over 15 years.

Michelle is OMA's Referral Specialist. She assists patients with the approval process for various tests, including MRIs and other necessary exams. Michelle works closely with OMA patients for notification of approvals and scheduling with the proper radiology team or physicians' office.

Debbie is OMA's medical billing specialist. She handles all accounts receivable and generates patient and third party billing. She is very knowledgeable in the coding, billing and reimbursement process. She has been with OMA for 19 years.

Shari, Michelle and Debbie are all very competent in their positions, are very kind and help patients navigate easily through the health care system.

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