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Laboratory Services

OMA's facility is equipped with up-to-date laboratory technology and is staffed by a skilled team of healthcare professionals. We do a full range of vaccinations and blood draws. Our medical assistants are experienced and certified. Vaccinations include (but are not limited to) Hepatitis A and B injections, HIV tests, TB skin tests, flu vaccine, MMR, tetanus, diphtheria and varicella. We can also provide vaccinations for those deployed overseas for their jobs. Blood tests include blood draws for titers, complete blood count, chemistry and heavy metal panels, lead and many others. OMA's laboratory services provide fast, accurate testing.

OMA's facility is beautiful, comfortable, fully equipped and is your one-stop facility for a full range of occupational medical services. OMA's location has convenient, free parking and is public transportation accessible. Plus, there is street parking available for large trucks and semis! We know our clients have busy schedules.