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Injured Worker Care & Workers' Compensation

OMA expertly manages workers' cumulative trauma type injuries, such as Occupational Diseases, Over Use/Repetitive Motion Injuries and Chemical Exposures. We do the team approach for solving occupational health problems. We work with employers that have Limited or Light Duty Programs, Physician Case Management, and Case Closure. OMA physicians are Board-Certified in Occupational Medicine and Environmental Medicine. Count on OMA to make any necessary referrals for testing, specialists, imaging, physical or occupational therapy, etc. We are the experts on all L& I (Labor & Industry) and workers' compensation paperwork. OMA works with claims managers, vocational counselors, other physicians and attorneys to manage care. We work with the patient and the employer to get the patient back to work when medically safe and appropriate. For new patients, we do a required chart review prior to scheduling, if the injury is older than 3 months. OMA is a COHE provider: www.gocohe.com. Let our friendly staff work for you and your company!