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Ancillary Services

OMA provides the following Occupational Medicine Services:
  • Audiogram: Hearing test with physician review and analysis
  • Spirometry Testing: Computerized analysis, to include a year by year comparison and physician review
  • Review of Respirator Clearance Questionnaire: OSHA mandated regulations for review of work history and medical history
  • Respirator Fit Test: Half-mask only, OSHA mandated mask fit test (you must bring your own respirator – we do not provide one)
  • Electrocardiogram: Resting 12-lead EKG, with physician review, analysis and interpretation
  • Stress Electrocardiogram (Treadmill): Baseline resting electrocardiogram; Treadmill exercise test with direct physician monitoring; Physician review, analysis, and interpretation
  • Vision Screening: Titmus vision machine and Ishihara color vision testing